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Austrian Review of International and European Law - A.R.I.E.L.


Stephan Wittich

Department of International Law
University of Vienna, Austria

Gerhard Loibl

Diplomatic Academy Vienna, Austria

Executive Editors

Jane Alice Hofbauer

Department of International Law
University of Vienna, Austria

Editorial Assistant

Philipp Janig

Department of International Law
University of Vienna, Austria

Editorial Board

Wolfgang Benedek
Gerhard Hafner
Peter Hilpold
Manfred Nowak
August Reinisch
Helmut Tichy

Kirsten Schmalenbach
Christoph Schreuer
Sigmar Stadlmeier
Friedl Weiss
Karl Zemank

Advisory Board

Jean d'Aspremont
Ilias Bantekas
James Crawford
Thomas Desch
Pierre-Marie Dupuy
Martti Koskenniemi
Malgosia Ftizmaurice
Andrea Gattini
Hubert Isak
Yann Kerbrat
Jan Klabbers

Ursula Kriebaum
André Nollkaemper
Alain Pellet
Anne Peters
Bruno Simma
Christian Tams
Christian Tomuschat
Andreas Zimmermann

Aims and Scope

The Austrian Review of International and European Law (ARIEL) is an annual publication that provides a scholarly forum to discuss issues of public international law and European law, with particular emphasis on topics being of special interest to Austria. lt focuses on theoretical as well as practical questions and current developments in all areas of public international and European law. Each volume contains the following sections:

  • longer analytical articles;
  • shorter notes dealing with current developments;
  • digest of Austrian Practice in international law, encompassing judicial decisions, executive as well as parliamentary documents relating to international law;
  • longer book reviews and shorter book notes
  • selective bibliography on international investment law prepared by the library of the Peace Palace in The Hague.

Occasionally, the Review also features a distinct documentary part that makes accessible to the interested reader selected materials not, or not easily, available elsewhere.

The editorial board and advisory board are composed of scholars and practitioners of public international and European law to ensure that the interrrelationship between current developments and the evolution of modern public international and European law and thorough scholarly analysis is adequately reflected in the ARIEL.

Information for Authors

Manuscripts and other correspondence relating to articles for submission should be sent to: The editor, Austrian Review of International and European Law, Department of International Law and International Relations, Schottenbastei 10-16, A-1010 Vienna, Austria, or via email to: ariel.int-law@univie.ac.at. Authors are kindly requested to adhere to the instructions for authors and to keep formatting at a minimum. The pdf document of paper as well as a complimentary copy in which the paper is published, will be provided for each accepted paper.

Communications relating to editorial matters and books for review should be sent to the editor, ariel.int-law@univie.ac.at.

Detailed information on customer service can be found at


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